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Theft Proofing Your Car On a Holiday or Road Trip

Theft Proofing Your Car On a Holiday or Road Trip

Embarking on a holiday or road trip is an exciting adventure, but it's crucial to ensure that your vehicle is safe from potential theft while you're away. Nothing can ruin your vacation spirit faster than discovering your car has been targeted. Fear not! Here is an easy-to-follow guide to theft-proofing your car! 1. Disconnecting the Fuel Pump Relay: A Sneaky Deterrent Before we dive into other theft-proofing measures, let's talk about disconnecting the fuel pump relay. This clever technique can leave potential thieves scratching their heads. By disconnecting the fuel pump relay, you prevent the fuel pump from delivering fuel to the engine, rendering the car immobile. Thieves won't get far without fuel or in some cars, they won't even be able to start the car! Just remember to reconnect it when you return to avoid any inconveniences for yourself. For the exact location of your fuel pump relay, look at the owner's manual or the official websit ... read more

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